Another remake of a doodle in the same style as before of Doctor Who :)

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Remake of an old doodle I did of Harry Potter

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i uploaded something new to my redbubble woo

and i also did an inverted version so that you can get a black shirt or whatever so yeah go check those out (xxx)

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anothere fave: embryo princess :)

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i made an online poll where you can vote what i should upload to redbubble next :) you’ll find a link in my sidebar and if you’re on your phone well that’s tough luck cos i’m dumb and forget to post this earlier when i had the link

here it is click here for the poll now go vote

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HERE IT IS!!! You can now buy a “Bowties are cool” shirt on my Redbubble! There will be more things uploaded soon! YAY!

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kennyandkyles spoke unto the queen:

dude you just drew me on "French girls" and I love it thank you ily x x x x

aww that’s great thank you :) (you’re the one i wrote my url under in blue right???) anyway im glad people actually look up my tumblr after seeing the url :) 

(to everyone else: download the app “french girls” and maybe i’ll draw you! :) ooh also if i draw you message me or something!! xx)

Jenna Marbles and her puppies c:

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another one of my favourites: Jungle princess! :)

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i drew biromanticsteve because i think her hair is cool and i wanted to try and draw it so here it is

sorry i really sould be drawing fandom stuff but idk

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YouTube channel header for heyitsmaya11 (her youtube).

I hope you like it and it meets your expectations (when you’ve found everyone for your colab channel message me again) :) oh and don’t forget to source it on your youtube page! xx

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Chris Pine “flying” the Enterprise (requested by eggs-benedict-cucumberpatch)

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Laverne Cox slaying all the haters 

(indirectly requested)

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Ten x Rose (requested by anon)

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Nicki Minaj as a disney princess (inspiration)

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